Our Mission

There is something special happening in the Midwest right now.

As the country’s craft coffee culture continues to grow and evolve, we here in the heartland are often the last to hear about it.

And many are fine, content not to know, letting the standard be set by what they find on the menus of multinational coffee shop franchises, and in the aisles of big-box grocers and retailers.

But there is a brave new brand of warrior entrepreneurs and craft coffee creators who have dug their feet in the dirt and decided that coffee can be made great here at home, without the pretension and snobbery that has become synonymous with that craft coffee industry.
Coffee is for everyone, and we stand with resolution behind the fact that when coffee is better, life is better.

In that spirit, Atlas Coffee has one, central mission that guides and directs every action that we take:

“Get good coffee into the hands of good people”

Our Product

Our product starts with our beans, sourced directly from Omaha’s Hardy Roasting Company.
This relationship ensures that our coffee is freshly roasted upon delivery and is ready to be steeped in a temperature-controlled, 18 hour brew process.

This method yields a smooth cold-brew concentrate with a velvety, dark chocolate body and subtle notes of blood orange and cloves.
Once brewed, the coffee is kegged and pressurized with nitrogen. This process aerates the beverage, infusing it with a creamy mouthfeel and accentuating its flavor profile.

Atlas Coffee serves this nitro cold-brew by the 5-gallon keg to our wholesale customers.

Our Services

We want to get good coffee into the hands of as many good people as possible, and we believe that the easier we make good coffee to get, the more people there will be who can enjoy it.
This is why we have made our coffee no more complicated for you than pulling down on a tap spout.

Our coffee is brewed, kegged, and pressurized at our facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska, then delivered to and installed for our clients, at no extra cost.
We are happy to use a client’s existing, in house tap system to serve our kegs of nitro-cold brew.
Or if there is no existing tap infrastructure in place, we will provide, install, and maintain all of the equipment you will need to serve draught coffee for a one-time, refundable security deposit.