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Who We Are
Founded in early 2016 by two high school friends, Atlas Coffee was started to provide the Lincoln and Omaha areas with a new outlook on coffee.
Nitro-Coffee, the flagship beverage of Atlas, is a meticulously cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas. This infusion process provides the coffee with a rich taste, velvety body, and head of foam resting on top, much like that of a Guinness beer.  
Since it's inception, the founders of Atlas Coffee have maintained a strict dedication to quality, putting the experience of our beverage above all else. Atlas Coffee has teamed up with PT's Coffee based out of Topeka, KS to bring you a masterfully crafted coffee experience. 

What We Do
If you love coffee like we do, and wish to do business with us, it is as easy as pulling a tap handle.

We cold brew, keg, and infuse the beverage in our coffee lab, then deliver it to you anywhere in Lincoln or Omaha, Nebraska. Then, when you are finished, we will take your empty keg from you and replace it with a full one.
Don't have a tap system in place? Not a problem.
We are happy to provide, install, and maintain all of the equipment that your business needs to serve premium nitro coffee on tap.

Atlas Coffee is available for those who wish to retail it in their stores, and to those who would like to stock nitro coffee for their employees, clients, and customers.

Feel free to contact us about pricing and delivery times.

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Ethan Bunner

Co-Founder, COO

My journey into coffee started when my family and I moved from Charlotte, NC to the Kansas City area. Soon after I discovered my passion for coffee. I began seeking knowledge and information from some of Kansas Cities' top coffee masters and spent countless hours refining different brew methods. After some collaboration with my best friend, Alex, we came up with a way to put that passion to use. Thus, Atlas Coffee was born. 

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Alexander Helmer

Co-Founder, CFO

Born in Lincoln, raised in Kansas city, and now back to bring coffee to the good people of Nebraska.
Compelled by a passion for coffee and good business practices I have taken to managing Atlas Coffee's finances so that I can watch great coffee spread throughout the world.



Unfortunately we do not ship our coffee (yet). Our products are available in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. Pick up days are Wednesday and Friday during our normal business hours.


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