Master your Clever Dripper

What is a Clever Dripper?

The Clever Dripper is a brewer design that yields the taste of immersion coffee with the added filtration of a pourover. The coffee grinds steep in hot water in the top section of the brewer, releasing their sugars, minerals, and oils, then when the brew is complete, the Clever Dripper is set on top of a cup or carafe which pushes the release valve on the bottom of the brewer open, letting the coffee fall through the filter and into your cup.

The Clever Dripper is easy to clean, hard to mess up, and will do an excellent job of accentuating any coffee’s body and flavor profile.

What will you need to brew with a Clever Dripper?

  • Clever Dripper
    There are 12 and 18 ounce options available

  • Filter
    Use size #2 filters for the 12 ounce Clever Dripper and #4 size filters for the 18 ounce

  • Coffee
    By weight, use a 1:16 coffee-to-water ratio. For the 18 ounce Clever Dripper, start with ⅓ cup (0.08 liters) of coffee and fill the remainder of brewer (just over 2 cups) with water.

  • Water
    A gooseneck teapot will provide the best control over the flow of water, but any teapot will suffice.

  • Spoon
    A long handle is preferable but not essential

How do you brew with a Clever Dripper?

  • Heat water
    204 - 207 degrees Fahrenheit (97 - 98 degrees Celsius) is ideal. If you are heating your water on a stovetop, begin pouring 10 seconds off of the boil.

  • Wet Filter
    Fold the filter twice, once along each seam, then set it in the brewer. Make sure that the filter is resting evenly in the brewer, then pour water over it to wet it. This holds the filter in place while you are brewing and flushes dust and paper particulates from the pores in the filter.

  • Grind
    Grind your coffee on a medium-fine setting and pour it in the brewer.

  • Bloom
    Pour just enough water into the brewer to wet the grinds thoroughly, then gently stir them, being careful not to puncture the filter. Place the lid on the brewer and let sit for 30 seconds. This process releases gas caught in the grinds and facilitates a more thorough extraction of the coffee. You will know it is working if you see bubbles rising to the surface. This water counts as part of the 1:16 ratio.

  • Pour
    Pour the remainder of the water over the bloomed coffee grinds. Pour aggressively to break up the bed of coffee. Place the lid on the brewer to improve heat retention and let sit for 1 ½ minutes.

  • Serve
    Set the Clever Dripper on top of your cup/carafe to open the release valve and let the coffee drain from the brewer.

  • Clean
    Throw away the filter and rinse the brewer immediately after you have drained it of coffee. Failing to clean your Clever Dripper will stain it over time.