Atlas Coffee

Good Libations

All coffee is brewed to order to ensure you are getting the best damn cold brew you can get your hands on. Talk to us via our contact page to arrange a pick up/drop off.


The Growler

64 oz. of cold brew concentrate. Perfect for mixed drinks at home or at the bar or cut it with a bit of water and serve on the rocks for some fire cold brew. $26 ea. (Glass return discount available.)


The Bottle.

12 oz. of ready to drink cold brew. Weather it's to start off your hustle in the morning or kickback on a sunny afternoon, there is never a bad time for cold brew. 

Singles: $3.50 ('bout tree-fiddy)

4 Packs: $12

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CREAM. (Nitro Coffee)

Coffee Rules Everything Around Me. 

For a quote on what it would take to get a hold of Atlas Coffee's flagship product on tap for your home, office, bar, etc. Send us an email at


Unfortunately we do not ship our coffee (yet). Our products are available in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. Pick up days are Wednesday and Friday during our normal business hours.


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